Monday, January 12, 2009

Camera Plus in the top 100!

As of this morning, Camera Plus made it to the top 100 (currently #88) in the paid Photography apps section of the App Store. Thanks to everyone for their support!


  1. I love the app... but please (please!) have someone create a quality icon for it. The generic, flat, orange icon it currently has is such an eyesore. It does Camera Plus no justice. Thanks!

  2. So I got the new version of Camera Plus 2 -- there definitely are some problems with the auto save option. The iPhone hangs and makes you do a reboot, if you try to take too many pictures too fast. But that's not my main problem, because I can do without the auto save option.

    My problem is that I used to be able to put my thumb in the middle of the iPhone, rotate the camera to horizontal position, and then with the click anywhere option set, when the camera was steady it would take a picture. Not the greatest for composing a perfect picture, but great for taking quick shots on the fly.

    Now the interface click anywhere option only activates when the thumb is released. So I can live with that also, though it make it a little unsteady, when holding with one hand.

    But the real problem is that when I put the thumb back into the middle of the iPhone and rotate it back to the vertical position, it wants to take another picture!

    so please ... could you add an option that lets you choose whether to activate on finger down or on up.

    This is a great little app, and the main reason I got it over the other ones out there was that it let do this thumb based rotate trick.


  3. Hi there—

    Thanks for the feedback. Interestingly, a number of people reported this behaviour as a bug, which is why we changed it in this version.

    However, it's an easy fix—we'll add an option to take the picture either on tap or release, so you can choose when the picture is taken and revert back to the old behaviour if you like. We'll put that into version 2.1, which will probably go up for approval in a day or two.


  4. I was excited about the update until I tried using the new save function. My iPhone froze and I had to reboot. I'm a little apprehensive about using it now. I really like the app but fear of it freezing my iPhone will make me hesitate to use it. Any fixes?

  5. Hi Paul—

    I can't seem to reproduce this problem—if you happen upon this post, mind dropping me a message at marcot [at] tabini [dot] ca? I'd love to be able to help.


  6. Great, thanks for putting the tap or release option in.

    By the way, I also have the same problem paul does. If you take pictures as fast as possible with the background save option on, then it will hang (at least on my system), and then you need to do a reboot.

    I have another question. For some reason the iPhone camera app stopped asking whether it was ok to use GPS tags. Do you know what might be going on? This happened around the same time I started using Camera Plus.

  7. ho acquistato Camera Plus e la sto utilizzando da qualche giorno, voglio segnalarti un problema che ho riscontrato quest'oggi fotografando mia figlia mentre giocava con stelle filanti e coriandoli: le braccia, che erano in leggero movimento, sono state troncate via nella foto (è stato registrato il viso ed il busto dsenza arti superiori).
    in un'altra, scattata mentre soffiava le stelle filanti, la foto ha registato l'istante in cui soffiava ma ha anche "magicamente" eliminato l'oggetto (la stella filante) in movimento, dando la senzazione finale che il soggetto stesse mimando tale gesto e non lo stesse realizzando realmente.


  8. Ciao ancora,

    sono sempre Alessandro, quello del post precedente "in attesa di approvazione"!!??.
    scusa ma quando ho visto comparire la scritta: << Il tuo commento sarà visibile dopo l'approvazione.>> ti dico chiaramenti che se l'avessi saputo prima non ti avrei postato il problema riscontrato su Camera Plus.

    ma come: io mi prendo la briga di segnalarti un problema riscontrato nella tua applicazione e mi devo vedere censurato in attesa di..."approvazione"? ma quale approvazione? in pratica tui vuoi decidere se pubblicare o meno una segnalazione sulla base della presunta convenienza (o meno) nel darne visibilità pubblica? molto comodo ma anche poco trasparente come atteggiamento: come minimo mi aspetto che le critiche più feroici non trovino ospitalità su questo Blog... altrimenti la censura preventiva non avrebbe alcun senso. vabbò, sarà "l'effetto... Berlusconi" :-)

  9. Ciao Alessandro—

    Grazie per aver riportato il problema—purtroppo è causato dalla "tendina" elettronica del telefono, quindi temo di non poterci fare molto. Se il soggetto della foto si muove troppo velocemente, il sensore CCD della macchina fotografica non ne registra le parti in movimento. Succede anche a me, ma purtroppo è un problema di hardware che non posso correggere.

    La moderazione per i commenti non è per limitare le critiche, ma per almeno provare ad eliminare lo spam—se ci sono problemi col software, sono d'accordo con te che debbano essere discussi in pubblico, ma non credo che gli utenti di Camera Plus siano interessati a comprare Viagra o avere a che fare con magnati bancari della Nigeria ;-)


    Hello Alessandro—

    Thanks for reporting this problem. Unfortunately, it is caused by the electronic "shutter" of the phone and, therefore, I'm afraid there is little that I can do to help. If the subject of a picture moves too fast, the CCD sensor of the camera doesn't record the part in movement. It happens to me, too, but, unfortunately, it's a hardware problem that I can't correct.

    The comment moderation is turned on not with the intent of limiting criticism, but of at least trying to eliminate spam—if there are problems with the software, I agree with you that they should be discussed publicly, but I don't think that users of Camera Plus are going to be interested in purchasing Viagra or engaging in transactions with certain bankers from Nigeria ;-)

  10. I am using version 2.0 and found a couple of bugs and things that need improvement.

    The level indicator is a nice feature. But when the camera is not leveled properly the arrow points in the wrong direction for 2 of the possible 4 orientations. I know it is possible to sense the difference between the 2 horizontal orientations and the 2 vertical orientations, since there are several inclinometer apps that do this.

    On the settings page, the buttons to View help and Visit support website are very difficult to tap. The sensitive areas should be enlarged.

    The steady assist icon is small, too, and I sometimes miss it when I am trying to disable or enable the steady assist feature, resulting in an unintended shutter trip. Why not move this icon (and the level indicator icon) to the control bar at screen bottom, and make that bar insensitive as a shutter trip?

    I have seen a couple of cases where the "Capture in progress" indicator came up and seemed to be hung. I was able to stop it by tapping the garbage can icon. Background Save and Auto Save were both off. Steady assist was on (I think), Tap anywhere to shoot was on, and sensitivities were both high.

    The help screen says that it is possible to zoom and scroll the preview image. I have not been able to do either.

  11. Found another bug. If I take a picture in horizontal mode, the preview is displayed at 90 degrees and only filling part of the screen.

    By the way, I am not afraid to sign my name to these reports, but your blog system will not accept a name without a URL.

  12. Marco,

    I've been quietly waiting for v2.1 which should have the option to take a picture on either tap or release, but nothing so far. Just wondering if the hold up is on your end or on apple's end.

  13. Hi Marco, I noticed that Camera Plus 2 is on sale so I wanted to let you know that you can announce your price reduction at Submitting your app sale also qualifies you to be in my month-end drawing for free ads that will run throughout the month of April!

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    Thanks and good luck with your sale,

  14. Marco,

    I love this application. It is the first application I go to when I want to take a picture with my iPhone (and I just posted a review at Apple). Anyways, I too have run into a few issues.

    * I had the application crash once and had to power cycle the phone (could not abort the application or turn it off).
    * I believe that each time that I enter the application, I have to turn background saving on again.
    * I have also seen the issue where I turn the phone so that its left side is down, take the picture, and the preview looks like a letterboxed image oriented for viewing with the phone right side up.

    Thanks for the great application,

  15. In case you're monitoring these comments but not the overall blog, I submitted version 2.1 tonight. More info at

  16. @jacob: the new version should take care of the crashing (hopefully) and problem with the settings. The letterboxing is on purpose—the app is "supposed" to run in portrait mode, so even if you take the shot in landscape, it will show the preview rotated the other way. The resulting picture should be saved correctly, though. Thanks!

  17. Marco,

    I like taking pictures in landscape. :) I think they are saving correctly. I have some snazzy code that will display the image in realtime rotated to the correct orientation. I am using it in my application. It can be applied to just the view and not the image so that it will continue to be saved correctly. Ping me via email if you are interested.

    Look forward to trying out the latest version.